The Ultimate Salesmen

How great would it be to have someone selling for you that: works all hours of the day and night, needs no food, transportation or housing, works when called upon, never temperamental and best of all needs nor wants any pay?

Ridiculous, you say? What kind of sales person would be willing to accept such terms and honestly, would want to? But, smart companies are using them to secure major contracts in their fields while enhancing sales or marketing efforts for their next project, product or service but, the real question is, why aren’t you? If you are looking for a way to enhance your awareness or identity, using an identifiable and distinguishable creatively designed character to promote your business or to enhance a project, is the way to go. Having your cartoon character act as an ambassador to your targeted audience can have a tremendously powerful impact on your public perception. Many businesses owners are still unaware of the benefits of what a good designer drawing cartoon characters can create, and give you the ability to help in delivering notoriety that could make you famous within your specific market(s) and make yourself and your business worth talking about setting you apart from your competitors.

It is too numerous to total all the products, businesses and services that can benefit from a well-designed character to act as the “face” of a business or project but a few examples are:

– Day cares 
– Books 
Greeting cards 
– Toys and games 
– Stationary

Also by utilizing a character as the basis of your creative marketing and promotion, you can take advantage of strategies such as:

– Viral Internet clips 
– Promotions on web 2.0 social sites 
– Television commercials 
Mobile phone interactivity 
– Mascots for events 
Print Promotional Campaigns

And as an added bonus, there are potentially profitable options of generating multiple streams of income through licensing or producing and selling your own merchandise without even knowing how to draw cartoons. If any of the above examples or ideas sound exactly like what you could use to make yourself worth talking about to the people you need to connect with, then take advantage of this powerful marketing tool to turbo-charge your advertising and promotions.


10 Creative Ideas to Jump Start Your Marketing and Promotion

Need a jump-start for your next marketing or promotional campaign? Try these 10 great ideas and put yourself right where you need to be…. in your customers minds.

1. Flash DrivesPreload it with specific company or industry information, tips, articles, coupons, etc. for your intended audience.

2. Calendars: Get an artist or designer to create a one-of-a-kind calendar that will get people talking. (Added Bonus: Turn into an e-calendar and load onto a flash drive or the web.)

3. Customizable FashionCreate uniquely personalized T-shirts, sneakers, jeans, etc. Get a great image or saying to display on fashionable articles of clothing or accessories to get your name or message across.

4. Create an audible CDWhy not educate your clients/customers on your goods and services and how they will benefit them. Keep it fresh and worth listening to.

5.Write an article: Sets yourself apart from the competition by being seen as a leader in your field. Try to get published in industry magazines as well as the Internet. Write contiguously.

6. Write a Book: If you have written contiguously as noted in #5 above, take those articles and with a few tweaks here and there, format them into a book to self-publish or produce an e-book for your website. (If you don’t have a website, get one!)

7. Events: Think very creatively about this one. People love events and it also provides a great networking avenue.

8. Create a character mascot: Think of Mickey Mouse, Mario Brothers, Spider-Man, etc. Create an icon to be your flagship mascot to create interest and awareness, a creatively developed icon in the public builds recognition.

9. Podcasts: Create a show centered around your company, message, product or business. Post it on your website, blog or even YouTube.

10. Custom Engraved Jewelry/ Gifts: Add value to jewelry and gifts by personalizing them with logos, pictures or specific messages for customers, friends and relatives.

Donna Ray Posters

Stormynight Multimedia Productions commissioned me again for a television drama pilot they are working on entitled Donna Ray, about a social worker and single mother working in the city and what she goes through juggling between work and home. They needed a poster for the casting call and, of course, a little promotion never hurts. Here are the last three versions. I’ll let you know which one they went with in another post.

Upcoming Projects

I will be posting more material in the coming weeks of a few comic book projects I’m currently producing, Power’d Up and Godhead. The first, a story about a girl who finds a robotic head and the latter about a man shunned within society who inherits an ancient power that nearly destroys the Earth millennia ago and has to learn how to use it to stop a race of renegade spirits. To get me juices flowing, I’ll be playing around with logo concepts for both as well as possible cover designs while I finish up with the scripts. I will be going solo on the Power’d Up script and working along with another writer on my concepts of Godhead and hope that both turn out fun and entertaining.

Stormynight Multimedia Logo Design

I had a great time finishing up this logo design for Chicago-based film company Stormynight Multimedia Productions, headed by dynamic-duo Cyn Dulay and Robert Parsons. These guys were awesome to work with and I can’t wait to see what they will have in store for this self-professed movie geek. Check out their Facebook page by clicking their name, Stormynight LLC., for news and updates on current projects.

deviantArt Gears Of War Contest

I just finished uploading my entry for the Gears of War Contest. I have to tell you that I struggled through it tremendously. I was looking for a colorist to collab with and came up empty, soooo….I had to step up to the plate and do some coloring, which I feel, I’m not very great at, but it was a great learning opportunity.
Anyway, the entries are flooding in and there is some AMAZING work being thrown in the ring! It’s awesome to see such a great turnout ( $10 grand in prize money helps, I’m sure :)).

Well, I’m crossing my fingers and waiting to see the outcome and while I’m waiting I’m going to check out some more GOW Art! Good Luck to everyone who entered and remember, support your favorite Deviant(s).